Guinness World Records: Greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours (female)


At 6am on Saturday 28th May at Zoom Fitness Osborne Park, whilst many of us were sleeping, Bernadette Benson began her tilt at the Guinness World Records: Greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours (female).

Bernadette had set a goal of over 120 kilometres which meant a daunting average pace of 10 kilometres per hour for the 12 hours. 

At 10am when we dropped in Bernadette had been going for 4 hours and was on target.  With official witnesses certified by Guinness World Records, support crew and enthusiastic supporters there was a good crowd on hand to offer encouragement.

Like many people that day we conducted a number of Saturday activities, a little gardening, a leisurely lunch, even a game of football – whilst we went about our business Bernadette kept running and running and running.

When we returned to the gym at 5.30pm the old record had fallen and Bernadette was now at a distance no women in history had ever achieved.  When the 12 hours was finally completed the distance on the treadmill read 128.62kms. 

What an amazing performance and what great testament to the determination and endurance of an incredible athlete. To run at such a challenging speed for such an extended period requires a depth of determination few of us can imagine. To see her on that treadmill, the focused gaze, the metronomic pace and the aura of determination was to bear witness to a truly monumental performance.

Well done Bernadette, a well deserved place in sporting history and we are proud to have been part of it.