The American College of Sports Medicine has announced the results of its 10th annual survey of worldwide fitness trends. Long-time chart toppers like HITT, certified & experienced fitness professionals & bodyweight training have been displaced & old faves, Zumba, spin class & boot camp don’t even make the top 20.


So what is the next big thing in fitness? According to survey results there’s a good chance you’re wearing it!  Wearable technology has topped the list of trends for 2016.  Fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices all come under the wearable technology banner with Garmin, Fitbit and Jawbone among industry leaders.  It may come as no surprise that Apple is set to benefit from this trend with some business analyst predicting the Apple Watch will sell more than 485 million devices by the year 2018.


Rounding out the top 5 trends for 2016 we have Body Weight Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Strength Training and Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals which is closely aligned with the sixth placed trend of Personal Training.  It also comes as no surprise that Fitness Programs for Older Adults makes the list as with our ageing population this is an area that is bound to grow in popularity.


From observations of gym goers at Zoom Fitness we are certainly seeing more technology driven fitness trends with not only wearable technology but smart phone apps (ranked 17 on the survey) and also more interactive technology being adopted by equipment manufacturers.  Companies like True Fitness and Expresso are at the forefront of adding an entertainment element to exercise with in-machine programs and more interactive features.  With the Expresso bikes for instance, by registering online you can see your “ghost” on the course from previous rides or you can race the person on the bike next to you.


It is not uncommon for Zoom Fitness gym goers to bring in their smart phone or iPad and undertake a workout from an app that takes them through the entire routine.  Whilst we promote Personal Training at Zoom Fitness as a great way to maximise the benefits of your gym session there are certainly a number of very comprehensive apps that can assist in achieving your fitness objectives.


Whether you embrace the latest trends or not we certainly look forward to seeing you at Zoom Fitness during 2016.