Rowing is one of the most effective exercises for calorie burning. Learn more about the benefits of rowing and some workouts you can be doing today for a great cardio workout.


Why rowing?

Total Body – Rowing works 9 major muscle groups: quads, hamstrings, glutes, lats, core, shoulders, triceps, back and biceps and is an amazing cardio workout.
Low Impact – Rowing is great for injury prevention, rehab and runners because it is a low impact alternative to other activities. For those who are overweight, the sliding seat displaces ones weight so the load on their body is less and they can make a smooth transition to high impact activities as bodyweight decreases and aerobic conditioning improves.
Easy to Learn – The basics of indoor rowing can be learned in 10 minutes or less or alternatively see our article on How to Row.
You're In Control – Resistance is created by how hard you push or pull, so you control the level of your own workout. Your time and pace improves as you row harder.
Measurement Is Motivation – Indoor rowing machines have monitors displaying your total time, distance, calories, and pace. This allows you to actually know if you are getting. Having milestones provides motivation to continue working hard.

Rowing Workouts to Try

Workout One:
Row 250m, rest 1 minute and repeat for 5 rounds.
Aim to complete each row under 1min and then build up to 10 rounds.

Workout Two:
Set up the Rower for Time intervals - Menu Button, New Workout, Intervals: Time and then arrow across to set the times 30sec Row, 90sec Rest.
Row HARD for 30seconds then dismount the rower and complete 10 Push-ups and 10 Squats during the Rest Period
Repeat for 3-5 rounds, building up to 10 rounds.

• Always note the time taken to complete the row so that you can monitor your improvement.
• As above, record your distances to track improvement
• Watch the strokes per minute (S/M) to gauge how powerful your stroke is and adjust accordingly. Ideally you want your stroke rate low but total row time quick.