David's Basic Circuit: To make the most of your visit to the gym I think it helps if you arrive with a plan.  It may be a session focusing on upper body, legs, abs or perhaps a cardio session.  The following is a basic circuit that will provide a good all over workout. 

GirlrunningIf you require any assistance, or would like Zoom Fitness to tailor additional programs for you, I strongly recommend discussing your goals with one of our friendly personal trainers.


Getting in the mood

On arrival warm up with an 8 to 10 minute cardio session.  Bike, cross trainer, rower or treadmill are all good options.  Try and get the heart rate up to above 120 bpm.  


I like to use the rower and keep the pace under 2.15 minutes per 500 metres – 2kms should take a little over 8 minutes. 

Tip: select the screen that shows average speed and look to improve on the minutes per 500 metres as fitness improves.

Basic Circuit

Initially work through each exercise at the lower recommended number of repetitions.  Whilst initially you may only complete one circuit, as fitness improves you may look to repeat the circuit two or three times and increase the repetitions and difficulty (ie. weight) of each element.


Bodyweight Squats: Using a flat bench position yourself facing away with arms slightly raised. Lower yourself to the bench and slowly raise back to a standing position.   Concentrate on good posture with shoulders spread and back straight.  For an added degree of difficulty hold a kettle bell in front of you and if you are more flexible stand away from the bench and lower closer to the floor.  Level 1: 10 reps Level 2: 15 Level 3: 20


Burpees: An exercise that includes a squat, leg thrust, push up, jump forward then a vertical jump is one of the most comprehensive moves you can perform.  This particular exercise features highly on people's least popular exercises so it must be good for you!  Level 1: 5 reps Level 2: 10 Level 3: 15


Pull-ups: (using assisted chin-up machine): Pull-ups work your lats, biceps, shoulders and more. Work out how much assistance you require and over time reduce the weight.  As a start deduct approximately 10kg from your bodyweight as the starting weight. Level 1: 10 reps Level 2: 15 Level 3: 20


Skipping rope: This is going to burn lots of calories and is as high intensity as running sprints!  Level 1: 30 reps Level 2: 80 Level 3: 120

Lunges or split squats
: Great exercise for the gluteus maximus. For walking lunges hold a hand weight in each hand, keep back straight with a piece of invisible string pulling head to the ceiling.  Lower knee almost to the floor. Focus on maintaining balance and control.  If space is at a premium simply place towel on the floor and step off left foot, lower right knee to floor and back to standing position. Repeat same side then change to other side.  Level 1: 10 reps (each side) Level 2: 15 Level 3: 20

Push-ups: This will work the chest, shoulders, triceps, core and quads. Option 1 is a standard push-up with hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart and keeping body rigid lower to about 10cm from the floor.  A good option is to use a medicine ball under one hand and after approximately 10 reps change it to the other hand.  If it’s too hard keep knees on the floor.  Level 1: 10 reps Level 2: 15 Level 3: 20

Curl – shoulder Press: using approximately 8kg hand weights to start with stand with arms at side, curl to chest level then raise above head, hold briefly before lowering (with control) back to sides. Repeat.  Slowly increase the weight over time but not at the expense of quantity - Level 1: 10 reps Level 2: 15 Level 3: 20

That completes the basic circuit.  As your fitness improves look to repeat the set and perhaps over time add extra weight or increase the number of repetitions.


If you have additional time look to include the following in the circuit.  Feel free to add them in the sequence where you like however I prefer to add the BOSU ball and prone hold at the end.


Chest press: The Smith machine is a good option or use the Chest press. If using the Smith machine place a bench under the bar and perhaps start with the weight of the bar only before adding weights.  Level 1: 10 reps Level 2: 15 Level 3: 20


BOSU Ball ab blaster: Place BOSU on flat side. Sit on top of dome. Raise ankles as high as possible – once steady try and lift right knee to left elbow then left knee to right elbow (bicycle type motion). Just by balancing on the ball you are getting a good ab workout.  Level 1: 20 seconds  Level 2: 30 seconds  Level 3: 1 minute


Prone hold or bridge: with elbows under shoulders and hands together legs out behind with and toes on the floor you are supporting your body weight on elbows and toes. Keep backside down so body is parallel to the floor.  Aim to be able to hold the position for 30 second and then build up in 30 second increments. The world record is over 4 hours but aspire to 3 minutes. 

Another good workout

Cardio exercise is a great way to lose weight. Your maximum heart rate is 220 less your age. Your cardio zone is 72% to 90% of your maximum. 


The Expresso bike (Osborne Park gym) is a great option and provides a more entertaining way of being in the zone for extended periods. Rowers, cross trainers, treadmills and bikes are all good options.  Try setting your own benchmark for a 20 minute workout, for instance how far can you run or row, and look to achieve a PB (personal best) each month.

Stretch: Make sure you allow time to stretch when you finish. Hamstrings should be a focus and resistance bands can be useful if you can’t reach your toes.