There is an enormous body of research supporting the health benefits of drinking water.  Among some of the more interesting are the following:

WaterA Victorian Government commissioned report from Deakin University titled “Water – a vital nutrient includes very compelling reasons why we should keep hydrated.  Among some of the interesting observations are the numerous health benefits, the downside of de-hydration and a comment in favour of including fluoridated water in your fluid intake.

The article includes a table with recommended daily intake, sources of fluids and a warning concerning excessive water intake.

Another interesting article is a WebMD article “6 Reasons to Drink Water” which provides six reasons why you should drink an “adequate” amount of fluid.  The article includes 5 tips on how to achieve your objective. 

The article also makes the point that the benefits may have been oversold with the suggestion of 8 glasses a day is merely a guideline.