There are a number of ways you can increase your motivation and keep on track...

Motivational Theory 101 - By Zoom Owner David Allport

Where are you on the fitness/bodyweight continuum?  If 1 is very unhealthy/overweight and 10 is very fit/ideal weight are you happy with where you are? How do you achieve a level closer to 10 than 1? For many it is a matter of motivation.

So how do we motivate ourselves to stay at that higher end of the scale?

The subject of Motivational Theory has filled numerous text books and is a core subject in many Management, Marketing and Business Degrees. I recall motivating a rat to press a lever in a Psychology experiment back in Uni days. He was a quick learner but may have been motivated by thirst!

I thought I might share with you 10 motivational tips I have used that relate directly to fitness/lifestyle goals that have resonated with me over the years.

1. Set achievable objectives: Whether it is a specific weight target or a physical achievement such as running a certain distance, make sure you are not setting yourself up to fail. Losing 2kgs in 3 months is far better than not losing 5kgs in 1 month.

2. Make sure objective are measurable: Get fit is a little nebulous whilst specific exercise based measures can be tracked. The Zoom in-house Triathlon is a good example of a measurable challenge as is a specific weight goal.

3. Make objectives time based and track progress: Set a date to achieve goals and monitor your performance on at least a weekly basis. events like the HBF Run for a reason or City to Surf can provide an effective due date.

4. Share your objectives: By sharing your goals with others you will increase your level of commitment. It is also nice to share your achievement once goals are accomplished.

5. Seek the help of a professional: If you are in a rut or not making progress you may want to consider getting help. Personal Trainers have up to date knowledge and can advise you on the right path to help achieve your goal.

6. Celebrate your success then re-set: Once a goal is achieved it is easy to fall off the bandwagon. It is important to have the next goal in mind and not allow yourself to fall back into old habits.

7. Avoid derailments: Whilst a period of inactivity or overndulgence will set you back it should not become the norm. Accept there will be periods where your mood biorhythms or level of motivation waivers but rather than dwell on the derailment, strive to get back on track as soon as possible.

8. Consider a paradigm shift: Stenphen Covey in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People made much of the power of a paradigm shift. A paradigm shift is a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory. Perhaps a radicl rethink is required to enable you to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

9. It is up to you: Adopting healthy habits is a very personal thing and will not be achieved by relying on a third party. Whilst a personal trainer may help, you need to take personal responsibility for the results of your action and eliminate excuses.

10. Enjoy the journey: health and fitness is a lifestyle. Look to enjoy what you do and take pride in what you achieve. Do not see it as a short term fix but as part of who you are.