High Intensity Interval Training and Tabata Intervals

High Intensity Interval Training has become increasing popular in todays health and fitness industry with more and more trainers utilising the training style to help their clients achieve quick results. But what is High Intensity training and why is there such a buzz surrounding it?


Resistance Bands

Bodyweight training has been proven to be one of the cheapest and best forms of strength training around, but many of us struggle to complete an effective push up, pull up, or dip. Why not learn how to utilise resistance bands so you can succesfully incorporate bodyweight movements into your workout without the struggle.



It costs less than $15, fits in your briefcase and is easy enough for a child to use.

The skipping rope has long been considered "a kids toy” — but now more professional athletes in a variety of sports, particularly tennis and basketball, are jumping rope as part of their fitness workouts — for the same reason boxers have "skipped it" for years.



 Overshadowed by rows of treadmills and ellipticals, the rower is vertically challenged, usually solitary and often consigned to a dark corner of the gym.

But experts say if you take time to explore this machine, you'll discover a smooth operator that's easy on the joints and endowed with a powerful burn.