• Four Week Challenge

    4 week challenge

    4 week wight loss challenge Man with cablesFour Week Challenge - embark on your own personalised 4 week challenge.


    Zoom Fitness Osborne Park has a great 4 week challenge. Need some help in getting motivated, feel you may be in a rut or just need some help in adopting a more active and healthy lifestyle?  Enroll now in the Zoom Fitness 4 week weight loss challenge. Kick-start your fitness program with this great value 4 week program. 

  • Rowing

     Overshadowed by rows of treadmills and ellipticals, the rower is vertically challenged, usually solitary and often consigned to a dark corner of the gym.

    But experts say if you take time to explore this machine, you'll discover a smooth operator that's easy on the joints and endowed with a powerful burn.

  • Tess's Kettlebell Challenge

    Tess's Kettlebell Challenge: As personal trainers not all of us jump out of bed at 4am excited for training. I started this challenge because I needed something to get me out of bed in the morning, yep I struggle with winter.

  • You Are What You Drink

    It surprises me when I conduct a consultation how we forget to consider calories we consume through drinking. With work piling up, late nights, and parties galore, our consumption of beverages such as coffee, diet soft drink and alcohol generally increase by Dec. Learn 4 nutrition philosophies to avoid unwanted weight gain.