Zoom Fitness is an Australian owned business operating 24 hour, 7 days a week fitness centre with modern equipment and a safe welcoming environment.

After recognising a demand for a convenient workout option to suit the busy lifestyles of today, Zoom Fitness was established to provide a competitively priced, readily accessible gym that would help members adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Zoom Fitness offers members security access token to a modern facility with up-to date equipment in a well lit open plan environment. Zoom Fitness have deliberately moved away from the hard core body builder type gym and have created a facility that caters more for gym goers interested in improving their overall health. Zoom have a number of Personal Trainers affiliated with the centre to assist members with adopting sustainable exercise and lifestyle plans.

With Zoom Fitness there are no expensive long term commitments as there are no long term contracts! You have a choice of membership options including fortnightly, six monthly, or annual as well as cheaper rates for those gym members using the gym during off peak times or who join as part of a corporate group.

Zoom Fitness also place a cap on the number of members to ensure there are no crowds, ample parking and easy access to equipment.